Chief Financial Officer - Kickapoo Traditional Tribe

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Job description
The Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas is currently seeking a Chief Financial Officer.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for the financial management and overall fiscal administration of the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas. As CFO you will serve as a principal policy-formulating administrator for all fiscal management and business service, including the following areas: financial management, federal financial participation (grants, etc.), and budget development.
Education requirements
• Minimum of verifiable bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance from an accredited college or university.
Experience requirements
• Minimum of 5 years’ experience as Chief Financial Officer or Director of Accounting of a business entity that consists of multiple departments and/or subordinate business operations.
• Must have access to reliable transportation to commute to and from work.
• Serve as a member of the Tribal Council’s executive staff.
• Serve as the Tribal Administrator’s special and principal advisor regarding management objectives.
• Represent the Tribal Administrator and the Department before the Tribal Council.
• Formulate overall principal fiscal policies, procedures and guidelines to maximize Tribal resources while ensuring the Tribe complies with all applicable Tribal, State and Federal laws.
• Develop and formulate policies and procedures to implement long-term strategic goals; plan programmatic Tribal initiatives as mandated by the Tribal Council and Tribal Administrator.
• Evaluate and advise on the impact of short and long-range planning, introduction of new programs/strategies and regulatory action.
• Provide timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial reports and financial trends.
• Provide technical financial advice and knowledge to others within the financial department and the Tribal organization.
• Provide strategic financial input and leadership on decision making issues affecting the organization; i.e., evaluation of potential alliances acquisitions and/or mergers and pension funds and investments.
• Optimize the handling of banking and deposit relationships and initiate appropriate strategies to enhance cash position.
• Develop a reliable cash flow projection process and reporting mechanism.
• Be an advisor from the financial perspective on any contracts or agreements into which the Tribe may enter.
• Evaluate the Tribe’s finances and plan for continual improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Tribe’s financial assets.
• Must be familiar and proficient with business functions and fiscal reporting of a governmental type entity and with the requirements and fiscal reporting for participation in state and federal grant and entitlement programs.

KTTT and Native American preferences are observed.

Employment in this position is at-will, which means that the employer or employee, without cause or notice, may terminate employment at any time.

The Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas (KTTT), formerly known as the Texas Band of Traditional Kickapoo, is one of three federally recognized Tribes of Kickapoo people. The KTTT Reservation is located on the Rio Grande on the US-Mexico border in western Maverick County. Also, it’s just south of the city of Eagle Pass, as part of the community of Rosita Valley. The KTTT has a population of 960 enrolled members and was officially recognized by the Texas Indian Commission in 1977.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.